Lais Ribeiro Poses In Ice Bath In Pink Bikini

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Twenty-eight-year-old Brazilian bombshell Lais Ribeiro has been steadily climbing to the top of the modeling world. While she first got her start about a decade ago and has walked the runway for many designer brands, most fans know her for her time on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in particular. The Brazilian babe’s incredible physique makes her the perfect choice for the lingerie brand, and she officially became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015.

Ribeiro’s 2.1 million followers on Instagram is impressive, but many of her fellow Angels like Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin have many more. Swanepoel, for example, has 13.4 million followers in total on the social media platform, while newcomer Palvin has 12.1 million followers. Those who aren’t following Ribeiro’s account, as well as the other Angels, are missing out on shots like the one Ribeiro recently shared, which gained 10,480 likes in less than 20 minutes.

In the shot, Ribeiro is rocking bold pink bottoms and what could either be a pink bikini top or a pink sports bra. The top showcases plenty of Ribeiro’s cleavage. While Ribeiro is no stranger to showing off her toned body, her entire physique isn’t visible in this particular shot because she’s lounging in an ice bath!

Many athletes have been snapped spending time in ice baths to soothe their muscles after a tough workout, but it’s not often that models decide to do so. Ribeiro’s caption was fairly cryptic, not revealing much about what type of workout required the frosty soak.

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While models are without a doubt genetically blessed, it isn’t always easy for them to stay in the top shape needed to model skimpy attire like bikinis and lingerie. In 2018, Harper’s Bazaar shared the workout routines of many of the models who would be strutting their stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. The fitness and diet tips and tricks are different for each model, but it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of time spent in the gym and plenty of meals consisting of lean protein and vegetables.

Fans couldn’t resist commenting on the photo, sharing thoughts like “ice ice baby,” “holy moly,” and “looks very relaxing.” A few questioned what the purpose of an ice bath was, and one fan simply remarked that, even in an ice bath, Ribeiro is “still hot.”

Ribeiro certainly isn’t the first model to share a sultry shot of herself posing in a bathtub, but most models prefer to pose in bubble baths, not tubs filled with ice.