Tineesha Lashun Howard Called ‘Person Of Interest’ In Las Vegas Shooting

Tineesha Lashun Howard is being sought by Las Vegas police as a person of interest in a shooting on the city’s famed Vegas Strip that left three people dead and a car in flames.

Police said they are searching for the 22-year-old, who also goes by Yenesis Alfonso, in connection to the shooting but that say they don’t think she pulled the trigger.

“She’s not considered a suspect,” said Laura Meltzer, a spokeswoman with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “She’s somebody detectives would like to speak to in connection with this event.”

Police said Tineesha Lashun Howard was inside the black Range Rover that fired on another car on the Las Vegas Strip. She is said to be from the Miami area and is listed as “missing and possibly endangered,” WTVR reported.

The incident was described as a “rolling gun battle,” a ABC affiliate noted. A person in the black Range Rover fired shots into a Maserati, killing rapper Kenny Clutch. The Maserati then smashed into a taxi, killing two people inside when the cab burst into flames.

Police identified Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, 26, as a suspect in the shooting. Police say they found and impounded the black Range Rover he was driving.

A woman claiming to be the mother of Tineesha Lashun Howard said her daughter and Harris have been dating for about a year. She said she recognized Harris from a image police issued, but knew him by a different name. She added that she hasn’t heard from her daughter since the shooting.