YouTuber JoJo Siwa’s Makeup Kit Pulled From Claire’s For Containing Asbestos

Timothy HiattGetty Images

Despite her youth, 16-year-old singer and YouTube personality JoJo Siwa has built quite a following of fans who can’t get enough of her colorful persona. The online personality, who is known for her high side ponytail and penchant for bright colors, has 9.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 8.4 million followers on Instagram.

Since she’s known for her love of colors — and often rocks completely over the top looks on stage, looks that are more like face paint than makeup — it makes complete sense that she would partner with a brand to bring a few beauty products to the market. After all, if Siwa’s fans want to create their own colorful looks, why not give them the tools to do so? Siwa decided to partner with accessories store Claire’s to bring her vision to life. She worked with the store to create a makeup kit that included two lip gloss options, nail polish and eyeshadow. There’s only one problem — the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quickly pulled the kit from shelves when it tested positive for asbestos, according to People.

This isn’t the first time the accessories empire has been in hot water for selling products containing asbestos. On March 6, The Inquisitr reported that the FDA had found asbestos in several beauty products, and Claire’s eventually pulled them from shelves.

It seems as though Claire’s isn’t being any more careful now than they were a few months ago, even if they decide to partner with a celebrity on a line rather than solely selling products under their own brand.

As People reported, Claire’s issued a statement about the asbestos discovery in the popular YouTuber’s products.

“Claire’s Stores, Inc. has voluntarily recalled the JoJo Cosmetic Kit out of an abundance of caution after testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicated the possible presence of trace amounts of asbestos fibers in the powder eyeshadow element of the kit.”

“Claire’s stands behind the safety of this item and all other Claire’s cosmetic items, as such small trace amounts are considered acceptable under European and Canadian cosmetic safety regulations,” the statement continued.

Siwa herself has not yet released a statement about the issues with the product. With many celebrity collaborations, it can be hard to know just how involved the celebrity was in creating the items.

Siwa has worked with Claire’s previously — on a line of hair bows, one of her signature accessories. That partnership may very well have been why Siwa decided to partner with Claire’s again to release the makeup kit, though the outcome doesn’t seem to be as favorable this time around.