Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She Faked Out Fans With A New Answer To Question About A ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Jennifer Aniston says fans should stay “excited” for the possibility of a Friends reunion, even if one isn’t in the works—yet. The actress, who played Rachel Green on the long-running NBC sitcom, created major buzz last week after an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she stated that she and her former co-stars “would do it” if asked to star in a reunion movie or TV special.

“The girls would do it,” Aniston said of a Friends reunion, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. “And the boys would do it, I’m sure.”

Now, Aniston is explaining why she is open to a Friends reunion after more than 10 years of saying no. Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight that her recent change of heart comes mostly because the answer “no” was getting her nothing but more questions, so she decided to change things up.

“Well, ‘no’ was getting me nowhere, and ‘maybe’ was getting me nowhere. So I thought I’d try ‘yes.’ See what would happen. Sorry!”

Aniston was quick to clarify that she and her Friends co-stars Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc have not actually been contacted about doing a revival of the NBC comedy they starred in from 1994-2004. While she didn’t completely take back what she said about a Friends reunion, she made it clear there have been zero talks on the subject.

“Anything could happen. I have no idea though. There’s no plans in the immediate future.”

Jennifer Aniston did urge disappointed fans to “stay excited,” noting that “possibly something will happen.”

In a separate interview with Extra, Aniston explained that she is constantly asked about a Friends reunion. The actress said she “just felt like saying a different answer” because the question does not stop coming.


And even though she spoke for her former co-stars by telling DeGeneres that she’s sure they would all do a reunion, Aniston revealed that none of them got mad at her after the TV interview, which she pointed out is a good sign.

Of course, nearly all of the Friends cast members have just said “no” to the reunion question in the past.

In an interview with ABC News, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing for 10 seasons on Friends, said he would never want to ruin the show’s legacy by blemishing it with a bad reunion movie. And Lisa Kudrow—Phoebe Buffay on the show—told Today’s Savannah Guthrie she’s not sure what a reunion special would be about now that the cast members are in their 50s.

“The thing we liked best about the show was that they were 20-somethings and they were their own family. Now, they all have families, so what are we going to watch?” Kudrow said, per E! News.

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman flat-out told E! that a reunion movie or special will “never happen.”