Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Maxie Urges Peter Not To Give Up And Neil Has Questions For Alexis

Michael YadaABC

Viewers should brace themselves for a lot of crazy action with Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that there is a lot of Shiloh-related drama ahead, but fans will see progress on some other fronts as well.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Peter and Maxie will spend some time together during the June 11 show. These two took a huge step in their hesitant romance not long ago, but General Hospital spoilers tease that they still have some obstacles to navigate.

The preview shows that Maxie will do her best to encourage Peter, seemingly after he expresses some doubts. The sneak peek for the full week shows a bit more of this intimate, emotional moment. At some point during this time Maxie and Peter spend together, he will tell her that she is the first person to ever teach him what love is.

It looks like this will have a serious impact on Maxie, but she’ll respond in a way that’s pretty typical for her. General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll tell him that love is kind of her thing, and she’ll urge him to never give up on love. They’ll share some intimate time together as this relationship continues to deepen.

Tuesday’s episode will also contain some scenes with Neil and Alexis. He is officially her therapist, but viewers have seen that the line between the professional and personal has already blurred significantly between them. Fans suspect a romance may eventually develop between these two, but they also know that Neil still has some big secrets he’s hiding that could be relevant to the relationship he’s building with Alexis.

During the upcoming conversation between Neil and Alexis, he’ll ask what she’s planning to do about something, and she’ll look hesitant to answer. This is probably connected to the Willow, Shiloh, and Wiley situation, and more people are being pulled into this by the day.

The Inquisitr has also detailed that Shiloh will rattle Sam as word spreads of his release, and Chase will have to break the news to Willow. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the revelation that Harmony took the fall for Shiloh will prompt Willow to tell Chase that Harmony is her mother, and this leaves him a bit stunned.

Chase urged Sonny and Jason to leave Shiloh alive and untouched, even though he knows they are tempted to take down the Dawn of Day leader. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hints that Sonny and Jason will start to put together a plan in Tuesday’s show, and viewers will be curious to see if they can get rid of Shiloh before Wiley’s story is fully exposed.