Spoilers For 'The Bachelorette,' Episode 5: Hannah Picks A Luke To Keep As The Guys Tread Carefully

Tuesday night brings Episode 5 of ABC's The Bachelorette 2019 season, and Hannah Brown is feeling frustrated. She is trying to sort through the drama that has been escalating between Luke Parker and Luke Stone, but it is no easy task. What can fans expect next as this June 11 episode airs?

A new sneak peek shared via the show's Twitter page reveals part of the conversation that Hannah has with the two men. The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Stone will accuse Parker of telling Brown he's there for the wrong reasons while Parker will say that Stone forced him to talk to Hannah about things. By the looks of things, Hannah only gets more frustrated by this bickering and ends up walking away with tears in her eyes.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, The Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that Stone will end up choosing to leave before waiting to see if he gets a rose. Parker will get a rose at the rose ceremony. In addition, Matteo Valles and John Paul Jones will be eliminated.

A preview from ABC teases that as Hannah tries to talk to her two fighting men, the rest of the guys will be open in talking about the situation. They will acknowledge that if Brown keeps Parker, they all have to be quite careful in what they say and do going forward. It looks like they all are hoping that Stone stays and Parker goes home, and if Parker stays they know he's got a lot of sway over their gal.

Once all of this drama is wrapped up, Hannah and her guys will go to Scotland. Another sneak peek confirms The Bachelorette spoiler that she keeps Parker, as he's shown in a clip talking about his dire need for a one-on-one.

Luke will talk about how he's going to try to show Hannah his character, but he cautions that he won't put up with the other guys dogging on him. The Bachelorette spoilers hint that Luke will get his wish, and he'll get a one-on-one in Scotland.

Will this be too much for Hannah? The Bachelorette spoilers share that she'll still be drawn to him, regardless of the drama that surrounds him. Fans are left hanging on this front, but she won't be sending him home yet.

"Hannah's last one-on-one date of the week is filled with crazy drama and she faces an agonizing decision that could cost her a happy ending."
The group date involves 10 guys and a set of competitions, with a steamy after-party coming in the evening. There will be serious talks with some guys and sultry smooches with others. The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Jed Wyatt will end up with the group date rose.

The other one-on-one in Scotland reportedly goes to fan-favorite Mike Johnson. Not much is known about this date yet, but he will get a rose.

The Bachelorette spoilers previously shared by blogger Reality Steve have noted that Luke will get a rose. The rose ceremony will be shown at the start of Episode 6, and Devin Harris, Grant Eckel, and Kevin Fortenberry will be the next guys sent home.