President Trump Called Rep. Nadler At Hospital To Send Get-Well Wishes

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Setting aside a recent fierce political fight between the two, President Donald Trump called House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler while he was hospitalized to wish him well, following what appeared to be a health scare during a televised May press conference.

According to Yahoo News, Nadler’s health incident happened during an event at a school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to promote speed cameras. At one point during the press conference, Nadler slumped forward and appeared to be faint.

An ambulance was called and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was sitting next to Nadler, offered the lawmaker water and comfort. Paramedics transported Nadler to Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan for an overnight stay.

While hospitalized for what a spokesperson called a case of “dehydration,” Trump phoned Nadler to send him get-well wishes.

According to The Hill, Trump witnessed what happened on television and told Nadler on the phone that he thought the lawmaker was “tough.” He also offered any help, should Nadler need it.

Reportedly, someone familiar with the phone call from the president said that the two didn’t discuss impeachment or politics.

On the state of Nadler’s condition, a spokesperson told NBC New York, “He is OK. [He] seems to have been dehydrated and it was very warm in the room.”

“He is now responsive and receiving a check-up.”

Nadler and Trump have a decades-old history of political disagreements. They first clashed in the 1980s, when Trump, then a New York real estate developer, pushed for a massive real estate project on the West Side of Manhattan — an area represented by Nadler.

The project was opposed by Nadler and many in the local community. Nadler eventually won the feud.

Trump called Nadler “Fat Jerry” during a meeting with Republicans last spring. Nadler famously underwent surgery to lose weight several years ago.

Most recently, Nadler has been vocal in the call for Trump’s impeachment, taking a hard stance on the issue opposite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Given his leadership position in Congress, Nadler oversees several investigations into the Trump administration.

On June 17, Nadler will oversee a House hearing called “Lessons From the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” During the hearing, Nadler is expected to call on John Dean to testify. Dean testified during the Watergate scandal, which eventually led to Richard Nixon’s resignation as president.

Trump recently tweeted about the Democrats’ strategy to bring in Dean, expressing his disapproval of calling on the “disgraced” former White House counsel to testify.