Britney Spears Fans Are Divided Over Her Video Accusing Paparazzi Of Editing Photos

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Britney Spears stirred up controversy over the weekend when she took to Instagram Stories to accuse paparazzi of making her look bigger than she really is.

The singer shared an image snapped by a photographer while she was out on a boat ride with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and argued in a video that it was edited to make her appear heavier in weight. She panned the camera over her body to prove that she is “skinny as a needle” and that the photo made her look “40 pounds bigger,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

Then, on Monday evening, she shared another clip to her feed to show the difference between her current body and the body in the paparazzi photos. While some fans applauded her for standing up for herself, others were concerned that she is sending a negative message to young followers by trying so hard to prove that she is thin.

Monday’s Instagram update included a video of Spears standing in the middle of a room wearing dark low-rise skinny jeans, a cropped and low-cut yellow top, and aviator sunglasses.

“Good morning. So this is the day after my boat ride. Do I look any different today than yesterday?” she asked in the clip.

In the next slide, the 37-year-old “Toxic” singer added one of the paparazzi photos, which showed her standing on the boat wearing a one-shoulder yellow top and black bottoms. Her legs, stomach, and arms appear to be heavier than in the video.

In the caption, Spears explained that the photo and the video were taken just 17 hours apart. She noted that fans never seem to question if paparazzi are altering photos of celebrities in order to sell them.

The post garnered over 404,000 likes. In the comments, some fans argued that Spears has a right to defend herself against negative press.

“People can take everything away from you but they can never take away your truth,” one user said.

“When a woman sticks up for herself she sticks up for ALL women. She pointed out people lying. Nothing wrong with that,” another wrote.

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Meanwhile, others were disappointed that the pop star is spending so much time trying to prove her true weight.

“So you’re worried about not looking ‘skinny as a needle’ in paparazzi pictures? You have your priorities really screwed up. So Hollywood!” one person added.

Another follower said that the “problem” is that Spears feels the need to prove she is thin, adding “#WeNeedMoreBodyPositiveCelebrities.”

Amid all of the arguments, though, the comments section of the post was also flooded with people assuring the singer that her true fans would love her no matter her weight and that there is no reason for her to prove herself.

“We all love you and know what you are and what you’re worth!!!” one fan wrote with heart emoji.