Dean McDermott Says He Cheated On Wife Tori Spelling For This Reason

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Dean McDermott says his relationship with his wife Tori Spelling is “better than ever” five years after he was caught in a cheating scandal. The actor reflected on his headline-making affair on the first episode of the Daddy Issues podcast with co-hosts Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

During a discussion about cheating, McDermott opened about why he strayed and why it had nothing to do with his wife Tori, according to Too Fab.

“I’ve cheated and it’s so not about the person you’re with. For me, it wasn’t about T, it was about inadequacies with myself. I felt so bad about myself, I felt like a piece of sh*t, I needed to do that to feel some kind of power.”

McDermott went on to say that his cheating scandal came out on Christmas Eve 2013 after a “friend” sold the story to a tabloid. The actor says both he and Tori were notified at the same time that the friend was going to the press.

“It was horrible and I’m an a**hole, piece of s**t for doing it, [but now] our relationship is better than ever. That was a rough Christmas, but we came out the other end.”

Dean McDermott also admitted that he did a lot of thinking with his penis instead of his head back in the day.

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling made headlines when they married in 2006 after meeting on the set of the 2005 Lifetime movie Mind Over Murder when they were both married to other people. The couple’s relationship was documented on the reality shows Tori and Dean: Inn Love and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

But in 2013, Us Weekly broke the news that McDermott cheated on the Beverly Hills, 90210 veteran with a woman named Emily Goodhand while on location shooting Chopped Canada. The scandal was documented on the couple’s reality show True Tori, which included some raw scenes of the aftermath of Dean’s affair and even a cameo by Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, who was once in Tori Spelling’s shoes.

At the time, Tori and Dean were parents to four young kids together — Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn — as well as Dean’s son, Jack, from his first marriage. They have since welcomed son Beau.

Dean McDermott later told ET Canada that he was tired of being labeled a monster by tabloids. McDermott admitted that he “messed up” by having a two-day fling with Emily Goodhand while he was working in Canada, but he also got a bit defensive over how much coverage the story was getting.

“You know, I’m not the first person to ever cheat on his wife. The affair was more about how I was feeling about myself than having an affair,” McDermott said in 2014.

Dean McDermott’s new Daddy Issues podcast is available on Spotify.