‘The Last Leg’ Shares Video of ‘Trump’s Taco Triumph’ As They Take His Wax Figure On Tour

Peter SummersGetty Images

On the British show, The Last Leg, Adam Hills told the audience that he and fellow comedians, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe, had secured permission to take the Donald Trump wax figure out on the town from London’s Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

For anyone who thought that they were joking, the three have now provided video evidence on YouTube to prove that they took Trump to a spray tan salon in London followed by a night of drinking and carousing at a Mexican restaurant.

Hills, Brooker, and Widdicombe shared a photo on Twitter of the three men dressed in sombreros and serape ponchos enjoying margaritas and shots with President Donald Trump (lifesized in wax of course). They captioned the photo by thanking Trump, saying that “The US President took time out of his busy London schedule this week to treat a disabled man to a free meal.”

They continued, saying that Alex Brooker is a big Trump fan.

“TV star Alex Brooker, 35, is an unabashed Trump fan, and relished the opportunity to meet his hero. The President showed he has a sense of humour by taking Brooker to a Mexican restaurant where he was accompanied by co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Adam Hills (ironically an Australian immigrant).”

As a special gesture, a Mariachi Band paid tribute to Trump by playing a Mexican version of the United States national anthem.

In the episode from the first week of June, Adam Hills announced on The Last Leg that they had permission to take the Trump wax figure on tour, and asked his audience “Where should we take Trump?” The Inquisitr says that The Last Leg also posted on Twitter, asking the same question with the hashtag #WhereShouldWeTakeTrump of their fans, and got some interesting suggestions.

People responded with a myriad of suggestions ranging from nice to rude to funny after the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum gave the show permission to take the lifelike wax Trump on the road. One person suggested that they take Trump to Hadrian’s Wall because the American president likes walls.

Others thought a trip to a local chip shop and then the pub to meet some regular people would do Trump some good, while another said that they should take him to somewhere “wet and windy” as his hair would be challenged by the weather.

Ultimately, the cast of The Last Leg had to clear their field trip with the museum personnel to secure the safety of the wax figure.