Meghan Markle Hoped To 'Calm Things Down' Between 'Feuding' William And Harry

Though Meghan Markle may have been absent during President Trump's visit to the United Kingdom, The Sun is reporting that she has been engaging in some backdoor diplomacy -- between her husband, Prince Harry, and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge.

Though early media reports had suggested that Meghan and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton were fighting, it was soon understood that the bad blood was between the Wales brothers themselves, says royal correspondent Emily Andrews.

"From all the people that I've spoken to, my understanding was it was Harry and William who had the difficulties and had fallen out," she said. Rumors abounded at the reason between the frostiness between the two brothers, with some suggesting that it was William's concerns about Meghan as a future bride, per Yahoo.

However, despite being the target of gossip, it seems as if Meghan tried her hardest to play peacemaker.

"Someone told me actually that it was Meghan who had tried to make peace, [she] had tried to calm things down between Harry and William."
Per the Latin Times, Meghan has also been credited with helping improve Harry's relationship with his father, Prince Charles, and Andrews was quick to sing her praises on the positive effect the American actress turned royal has had on the red-headed prince.
"I think she's a very good influence on Harry."
Andrews added that Kate was also involved in trying to develop a thaw between William and Harry.

"I would say both Kate and Meghan tried to mediate with the brothers," she said.

meghan, harry, kate, and william at christmas walk
Getty Images | Stephen Pond

During the worst parts of the fraternal fight, the two brothers were said not to have seen each other in private for over six months after Harry and Meghan's nuptials, despite both couples living in Kensington Palace. The feud was also rumored to be one of the instigating factors for Harry and Meghan's move to Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor, in addition to the split in their royal households.

However, Andrews says that her sources have told her that the distance has been beneficial for the royal relationship.

"Things did get quite bad last year, but I think a bit of distance between the two brothers both personally and professionally has helped," she claimed.

Another factor that has supposedly helped rebuild their previous bond has been the birth of Harry and Meghan's newborn son, Archie Harrison. According to People, Harry and William will be anxious for their children to have a good relationship as cousins -- helping mend their own in the process.