Robin Givens Denies Ex-Husband Mike Tyson’s Claims She Hooked Up With Brad Pitt, Dishes On Sex With Famous Ex

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Robin Givens says her ex-husband Mike Tyson had her relationship with Brad Pitt all wrong. During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Givens was asked about a story in Tyson’s 2013 memoir, Undisputed Truth, in which the pro boxer suggested that he caught Robin about to hook up with the hunky actor, according to ET Online.

In the book, Tyson claimed that he drove up to Robin’s house before their divorce was finalized in the late 1980s and saw her sitting in a car in the driveway with an up-and-coming Brad Pitt. Pitt was a guest star on Givens’ ABC sitcom, Head of the Class, at the time. While Robin admitted to Bravo’s Andy Cohen that she was sitting in the car with Pitt, she says the incident didn’t play out exactly the way Tyson described.

Mike Tyson wrote that Pitt “looked ready to receive his last rites” and pleaded with the boxer not to “strike” him and assured him that Robin was talking about Tyson the whole time as they sat in the car to read lines.

But on WWHL, Robin pointed out that Brad’s “got some swag” and would never beg for mercy like that. The actress confirmed that she and Brad were just “coming back from a screening” when Tyson found them sitting in the car together.

Mike Tyson previously told The Real that while he didn’t technically catch Robin and Brad “in the act,” he believes he arrived on the scene “right before the act.” Ironically, Tyson had stopped by his estranged ex’s house that night with the hopes for one last hookup with her before they signed their divorce papers, Hollywood Life notes.

While she claims that she never had a fling with Brad Pitt, Robin Givens did dish on her relationship with Howard Stern. Givens dated the famous radio host in 1999 after his separation from his first wife, Allison. But Givens may have given TMI when talking about Stern’s private parts. When Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen pointed out that Stern “constantly” talks about his small penis size, Givens said the radio legend’s claims about his size are not true.

“Howard Stern is a magnificent lover,” Givens added. “Like, unbelievable.”

Givens went on to say that she and the Sirius host dated for a while and added, “It was all good. It was all really good.”

The same was not to be said for Mike Tyson. Robin Givens was married to Tyson from 1988 to 1989. In a joint 20/20 interview in 1988, the sitcom star said that life with the volatile boxer was “pure hell.”

You can see Robin Givens talking about her relationships with Brad Pitt and Howard Stern in the videos below.