Kate Gosselin Reportedly Only Did Dating Show To Get Back On TV, Not To Actually Find Love

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Kate Gosselin is looking for love on her new TLC show but according to an insider, she may have an ulterior motive.

As fans of the mother of eight know, Gosselin will appear on a new show titled Kate Plus Date where she will go on dates with a number of different men in order to try and find love again. Gosselin’s eldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara, will also appear on the show to help give their mother their opinion on the different men on the show. But even though the show itself is based on Gosselin finding someone to settle down with, Radar Online shares this isn’t the reason why Kate signed up for it.

According to Rob Shuter, who is the mastermind behind the podcast Straight Shuter: Naughty But Nice, the 44-year-old has no interest in actually finding a man, but she agreed to do the show for the money and to get back on television. An insider told the podcast host that Kate didn’t take the already-filmed series very seriously from the very beginning.

“Kate isn’t easy. She is one tough cookie and really isn’t interested in compromising or finding love,” the insider shared. “All she really cares about is Kate!”

“You have to remember that the main reason Kate did this new show wasn’t romance,” the insider dished before confessing that Gosselin is only in it for the fortune and fame.

Additionally, the reason why Kate ended up doing the show was because it was the only one that she was pitched, according to the insider. If she had been offered something totally different, she probably would have taken that and ran just like she did with Kate Plus Date.

“Had Kate been offered a travel show or fashion show, we would be watching her traveling around the globe or doing makeovers, but ‘dating’ was all that producers offered and that is why we are seeing Kate with a bunch of possible love interests.”

Since her hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate has tried to keep her name and family in the spotlight by starring in a number of other reality shows, including Kate Plus 8, Dancing with the Stars, and even Celebrity Wife Swap. The reality star infamously split with her husband Jon in 2009 and since then, the couple has publicly sparred. In addition, Kate’s love life appears to have been almost nonexistent since the split, but Jon has moved on in his life and has been in a relationship for over four years.