‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore Fights With Trump Supporter Outside New York Studio

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Actor Indya Moore, best known for playing Angel Evangelista in FX’s Pose, was attacked by a Donald Trump supporter outside of the New York studio they were filming in, per LGBTQ Nation. After Moore appears to try and confiscate a Trump 2020 banner from the sidewalk, a man yanks the sign back from Moore, shoves them away, and then pushes a bystander away.

“Get off my stuff!” he yells during the altercation.

“Get the f**k out of here!”

When a second bystander tries to cool the Trump supporter down, Moore grabs the supporter’s red MAGA visor. At this point, the supporter pushes the second bystander.

“Get off my s**t!” the supporter yells before police intervene.

Although the video — posted to Facebook by Dion Cini — starts when Moore grabs the Trump supporter’s sign, it appears that the clash between the pair began before filming.

“Well, you guys aren’t fans of our show, and we don’t want you to be fans of our show,” Moore says at the beginning of the video.

It hasn’t been long since a Trump supporter made the news. Just three days ago, Scott Brian Haven made headlines when he was arrested for allegedly making thousands of disturbing phone calls to members of Congress. As The Inquisitr reported, he is accused of making 1,499 calls to the Capitol switchboard between May 17 and October 29, 2018, and another 850 calls to the switchboard during the period of May 1 to May 28, 2019.

In one call, Haven spoke to an unnamed senator staffer, claiming that there were “far more Second Amendment people than whiny, crying liberals.” In another instance, he allegedly threatened to decapitate a senator and told the same senator’s office that Democrats were “trying to destroy Trump’s presidency” before he threatened to “hang that f***ker.”

According to Buzznet, Moore is the first transgender model to pose for the cover of Elle in the magazine’s history. Moore identifies as non-binary and was featured in an Elle interview that delved into their experiences with foster care, sexuality, gender, and sex-trafficking as a teenager.

“Thank you for having me as your first experience covering a trans person. I know I will not be the last,” the model wrote to Elle on Twitter following the interview.

Moore, 24, began their modeling career at 15. Since then, they have been featured in New York Fashion Week, Dior, and Gucci, and have acting credits in Saturday Church, Saturday Night Live, and Katy Perry’s music video “Swish Swish.”