Jared Kushner’s Firm Has Reportedly Taken Millions From Secret Foreign Entities Since White House Job

Brian AchGetty Images

The Guardian reported Monday that the real estate speculation corporation Cadre, which is part-owned by Jared Kushner, has taken $90 million in foreign funding since 2017 — when Kushner entered the White House as President Donald Trump’s senior adviser.

The money flows into the real estate company through an opaque vehicle run by Goldman Sachs in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands is widely considered to be a tax haven that ensures corporate secrecy, which makes the source of the money impossible to track.

Kushner kept a stake in Cadre — although he did not list his interest in the company on an early disclosure form — after joining the Trump administration, and sold other assets. As of now, Common Dreams reports that financial disclosure documents put Kushner’s holding at up to $50 million.

The decision to continue to keep his stake in Cadre while performing U.S. government work has caused some ethics experts to question Kushner’s motives.

“It will cause people to wonder whether he is being improperly influenced,” said Jessica Tillipman, a lecturer at George Washington University law school.

“It was one of the only assets that Kushner retained and it continues to collect foreign investors without transparency,” said Virginia Canter, a former White House attorney for Obama and Clinton.

Cadre allows investors to purchase and sell investments related to real estate, essentially allowing them to approach the real estate market like the stock market. With the ability to combine purchase power, investors can gain larger pieces of real estate with a curbed risk. While the investments themselves are legal, the lack of disclosure on Kushner’s part, in combination with the unknown source of the cash, is concerning to some.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kushner was recently the focus of a Newsweek article that criticized his views of the world — views which allegedly align with traditional Zionist and Western attitudes. The author of the article, Yousef Munayyer, believes that these views are responsible for ensuring that Palestinians, and oppressed people of color, carry the burden of proving themselves worthy of freedom, justice, equality and human rights.

“The burden should not be placed on those whose rights and freedom are denied, but rather on those who are denying them. We must move away from outdated frameworks that present the Palestinian people with false choices and threats that seek to strong-arm them into accepting their own subjugation.”

Munayyer’s article was a response to Kushner’s recent Axios interview with Jonathan Swan.