Kylie Jenner & BFF’s Thonged Bikini Snaps Slammed, ‘Tag Your Surgeons Tho’

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Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram snaps are getting slammed. On June 9, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO took to social media for an all-out celebration – Kylie sent out five updates of herself with best friend and birthday girl Anastasia Karanikolaou. While one snap was an indoor party pic, the rest took on outdoor settings. The 21-year-old mogul and her 22-year-old friend wore hot-pink thong bikinis as they posed on pink pool floaties, and they were flaunting those behinds.

Comments accusing Kylie and her friend of having had plastic surgery now have upwards of 600 likes.

“There’s so much silicone in this pic,” one fan wrote.

“Tag your surgeons tho!!!” read another comment.

Other responses went down a similar route.

“Recycle plastic so they can put it into their bodies!” one user wrote.

The super-curvy rears on show were, indeed, flaunting the family’s signature silhouettes – and Anastasia seems similarly blessed. That said, with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian also known for their derrières — and with Kendall Jenner’s curves now being world-famous — it would seem that genetics likely play a role. Kylie has never admitted to cosmetic procedures for anything other than her lips, per The Daily Mail. Instagram users seem to be disagreeing with that claim. Stassie has, however, admitted to breast surgery, per Harper’s Bazaar.

“Ya’ll have the same doctor or,” another follower quipped.

All of the above-mentioned comments pertained to Kylie’s “bad b*tches” Instagram snap.

With or without clothing, the Kardashian-Jenners now seem to be a target for social media probing. While comments often manifest as genuine curiosity – namely, how those curves have been achieved — something about today’s backlash is taking on a trolling edge. The update simply showed a nine-year friendship and birthday being celebrated in high-end style. Clearly, however, many followers of Kylie’s account still have their doubts over her physique. These critics also haven’t held back from voicing their thoughts in a direct way.

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That said, some users did jump to the Kylie Skin founder’s defense.

“Why does no one judge cardi b even tho she has admitted to getting several surgeries done. But when it comes to the Kardashian’s [sic], who all claim they haven’t got butt implants ya’ll gotta jump over them,” one fan wrote.

This supportive comment contrasted one stating that the pals were flaunting their “silicon [sic].”

Kylie does not appear to have responded to the comments. Given that this star has admitted to having had her lips attended to, fans would likely agree that Kylie has nothing more to say. Kylie’s “bad b*tches” update had racked up over 4 million likes within 20 hours of going live.