Ring Girl Stephanie Vino Goes Fully Topless, Plays 'Peekaboo With The Neighbors'

Stephanie Vino has been manifesting her playful side. The ring girl, model, and photographer has sent out her latest Instagram update, and it seems out to toy with more than just the platform.

On June 9, Stephanie updated her account. The full-length snap showed the brunette shot from behind. Vino had been photographed full-length in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. While the windows offered a sunny view of urban sprawl, fans are likely considering the super-fit model in the foreground as the focal point. Stephanie had gone fully topless in nothing but a lacy red thong. With her arms above her head and her feet standing on tiptoes, Stephanie appeared to be showcasing everything – killer curves, powerful muscles, tattoos, and a deep tan.

Standing bare-chested in front of paneled glass is a pretty bold move. Then again, this Las Vegas-based sensation comes with all the attitude in the world. Stephanie's caption mentioned playing a bit of a game with anyone able to see her. Her windows did, however, show more of a horizon setting than close-up structures.

Fans have been digging the snap.

"I wish you were my neighbor then," one fan wrote.

"Damn where's the reflection in the mirror lol" was another comment.

Sadly for this fan, Vino hadn't offered a mirror option in her snap.

Known for her playful updates, Stephanie is an Instagram model who comes with an edge. Her swimwear snaps and topless selfies throw out an adult side, but her upbeat smile and low-frills approach keep things light. Updates mostly seem to come from Stephanie's Las Vegas home, although her bio does point toward three locations across the U.S.While most of Stephanie's feed sees the model go solo, she will partner up with a friend on occasion. Her May 26 update (seen above) showed a close friendship with a female friend. The two had rolled down their swimwear for a topless pool shot. Much like the rest of Vino's snaps though, the update was tasteful.Stephanie has 242,000 followers. Although the following is relatively modest in the world of Instagram models, Stephanie is nonetheless getting noticed. Rising traffic to Vino's account is likely also offering the model-turned-photographer some exposure for her photography account as the artsy side to Stephanie is offered via a direct link in her Instagram bio.

Yesterday's photo racked up over 3,300 likes within 21 hours of going live. Fans wishing to see more of this unusual, sexy, and super-fit model should follow her on Instagram.