Jodi Arias: ‘I Felt Like A Prostitute’ With Boyfriend Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias testified that she “felt like a prostitute” with boyfriend Travis Alexander, but admitted to prosecutors that she enjoyed sex with him and didn’t shy away from the relationship.

Arias’ trial in the murder of Alexander has stretched into this week, with the defendant taking the stand to give her account of how he died. The 32-year-old Arias had initially said that masked burglars killed Alexander in his Arizona home, but later changed her story to say that she killed him in self defense.

Arias later said she couldn’t remember details of the killing.

After a day of aggressive questioning on Tuesday, prosecutor Juan Martinez moved into questions about Arias’ sexual life with Travis Alexander. He pounced on a conversation in which Jodi Arias suggested things they could try in the bedroom, ABC News noted.

“When we’re talking about the level of experimentation, it looks like both of you were experimenting together sexually. So when we hear things like, ‘I felt like a prostitute,’ that’s not exactly true, is it?” Martinez said.

“It was often mutual,” Arias admitted. “I didn’t feel like a prostitute during, just after.”

After Martinez’s questioning continued, Arias admitted that she sent her boyfriend a topless photo, and he returned a nude shot of himself.

The defense has tried to paint Travis Alexander as a dangerous and unpredictable sexual deviant, with rumors that the defense was prepared accuse Travis of lewd acts while looking at pictures of young boys, KPNX’s Chris Williams reported.

If convicted of first degree murder, Jodi Arias could face the death penalty.