Jenna Jameson Shares Unbelievable Before & After Photos After 80-Pounds Keto Weight Loss

Valerie MaconGetty Images

Jenna Jameson took to Instagram over the weekend to share her unbelievable before-and-after photos spanning a two-year period. The former adult film star shared the side-by-side snaps on her page on June 8, snaps which showed her pregnant with a huge baby bump while expecting her daughter, Batel, in 2017 — and recently looking much slimmer in a black bikini with a mesh cover-up.

In the caption, Jenna opened up about how much her life has changed since the first photo was taken two years ago, crediting the keto diet — and a more laid-back lifestyle — as being the two big factors behind her healthy new look.

The former Celebrity Big Brother U.K. star – who’s been extremely candid about her tough weight-loss journey, and about how the keto diet helped her to drop a whopping 80 pounds – called the two factors “integral” to the healthier life she’s living now.

The model also used the attached caption to speak up about how she’s realized, over the past two years, how much stress has had a negative impact on her life. Jenna added that she’s learned to become more reflective since the first snap was taken.

Jenna has often been candid with her followers on social media about body confidence, most recently sharing a photo that proved her body still isn’t perfect, even after her very impressive weight loss.

As The Inquisitr reported, Jenna recently posted a picture of two different poses in order to show her followers that not everything they see on Instagram is accurate. In one pose, she is “sucking in” her stomach, while in the second pose, she lets her stomach muscles loosen up.

Earlier this year, Jameson admitted that she felt she’d “betrayed” her body after giving birth to Batel Bitton — her daughter with partner Lior Bitton — almost two years ago. She then embarked on the ketogenic diet, which she often credits for having improved her life.

“After I had Batel I felt betrayed by my body,” Jenna wrote in an Instagram post back in March while, as The Inquisitr reported at the time, also sharing her tips and tricks for those hoping to start out on the diet plan. “That was denial. I denied the fact that I CHOSE terrible foods to satiate the incredible hunger I felt from breastfeeding.”

She also got candid about how much she weighed at her heaviest. Per Women’s Health, Jameson revealed that she once weighed 187 pounds, but had since gotten down to her goal weight of 125 pounds.

Jenna added on Instagram that, before she took hold of her life and started to get healthier, she felt “slow mentally and physically.”

However, she then told fans that, after spending several months on the keto diet, she’s now feeling “happier, smarter, and much more confident.”