Miley Cyrus Flaunts Killer Body In Latex Crop Top And Tiny Glitter Shorts

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Miley Cyrus doesn’t top the charts for being a fitspo icon. Her status as a fitness symbol is up there, though. The SHE IS COMING singer is known for her super-active lifestyle – given Miley’s June 10 Instagram update, the results are showing.

The 26-year-old’s latest Instagram post comes as a selfie. Definitely toned down compared to the raunchy promo snaps for Miley’s latest album, today’s picture comes with simplicity, as the songstress is standing in front of her bathroom mirror, where the room’s white panels and counters match her outfit. The “Wrecking Ball” singer hasn’t opted out of flaunting her killer body, though. She’s wearing a tiny, bustier-like crop top in white latexes and a pair of matching shorts in glitters. While the upper offers hints of cleavage, today’s look seems more about showing this girl’s muscle.

It’s all very tiny, but Miley couldn’t look cuter. With her icy-pink bob and subdued expression, it very much seems that Miley is out to show herself as she is – with a hint of her Black Mirror character, Ashley O. Miley’s pink hair debut came earlier this month as she took to social media to promote her recent appearance in the Netflix series.

Fan comments seemed heavily geared towards Miley’s Black Mirror appearance.

“[I] wish i was at least half as beautiful as ashley o,” one fan wrote.

A killer body like Miley’s is going to get noticed, though.

“[A]shley o’s got a snatched body” was one fan comment.

Elsewhere, fans couldn’t help but reference lyrics from Miley’s SHE IS COMING album.

“[I] love you miley but i listen to ashley o,” one fan replied.

The comment likely pertains to lyrics from “Cattitude.” The line suggesting that Miley “[loves]” Nicki Minaj but “[listens]” to Cardi B has made global headlines. Cyrus hasn’t clarified whether or not the lyric manifests an actual preference between the two rappers – more likely, it’s a reference to the highly-publicized beef between Nicki and Cardi.

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Miley has also been making headlines for defending herself following a groping incident earlier this month. Miley had been attacked by a male fan in Barcelona, Spain. After footage of the incident went viral, Miley took to social media to write that she “can’t be grabbed,” per The Inquisitr.

Today’s update wasn’t sending out a defensive vibe, though. Miley, her latex, glitters, and rock-hard body proved a hit. The snap had racked up over 1.1 million likes within 14 hours of going live, while over 5,800 comments were left. As of this writing, Miley has 94.5 million Instagram followers.