Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Insane Cleavage In Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit

Charley GallayGetty Images

Sunday Funday was in full force for Kourtney Kardashian and company.

Yesterday, the mother-of-three took to her Instagram Stories to share a few short clips from a pool party, which included a number of Kourt’s famous pals, including singer Sia and Larsa Pippen. The black-haired beauty appeared to be having fun as Sia presented her with a funny painting of Kourtney that was done by Khloe. The singer called it “the Mona Lisa in a thousand years.” Meanwhile, videos posted to Larsa Pippen’s Instagram Story showed Kardashian strutting her stuff in an NSFW swimsuit.

In one of the clips, the 40-year-old has her bikini body on full display in a green Fendi swimsuit. Kourt and her only daughter, Penelope, stand at the edge of the pool and make a splash by jumping in. The reality star wears her long, dark locks wet and slicked back while showing off her amazing body, popping out of the top of the tiny swimsuit and showing off her killer legs to the camera.

For the poolside day, the eldest Kardashian sister appears to be makeup-free and it also seems as though she’s having a blast with her pals. On her own Instagram Story, Kardashian shows off her figure to fans in the same swimsuit while posing next to the silly portrait of herself. She also shares a video of the group singing “Happy Birthday” to pal Harry Hudson, who was celebrating his 30th.

Earlier this year, Women’s Health shared a few tips on how to get a body like Kourtney’s. In the interview, Kourtney confessed that she and Khloe try and push each other to workout and stay accountable before admitting that she needs at least four to five days of exercise a week. Kourt’s trainer, Don Brooks, also shared that he likes to put the 40-year-old through the ringer [sic] using his “Don-A-Matrix Method” workout, which is set up in four quarters, much like a sports game.

“Each quarter has three sets of two different exercises, combined with rest or relief periods after each quarter. We use the resist-a-bands a lot—the bands are very effective for toning without bulking or injury.”

In general, the intense workouts combine a lot of cardio with strength-training exercises, battle ropes, and BOSU balls. Every once and a while, Kourtney will share a video of her sweat sessions with fans, and it’s easy to see that she pours her heart into her workouts, and the results are paying off big time.