Camille Grammer Had ‘Full Breakdown’ After Landing In The Hot Seat During Explosive ‘RHOBH’ Season 9 Reunion

Nicole WeingartBravo

Camille Grammer may want to avoid Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunions from now on. The Bravo star reportedly had a “full breakdown” during the taping of the RHOBH Season 9 reunion, after initially vowing she wouldn’t put herself in another hot seat ever again. Unfortunately for Camille, she had a Season 1 redo and it wasn’t pretty, Us Weekly reports.

Grammer is billed as a “friend” of the Beverly Hills housewives, and is not a full-time cast member. However, she was regularly featured on Season 9 of the Bravo reality show. While the cast all joined together to attend Camille’s wedding to David C. Meyer in Hawaii last fall, Grammer was caught talking about her co-stars behind their backs several times this season. Not only was she busted for her drunk talk about Lisa Vanderpump’s teeth, but she talked negatively about co-stars Teddi Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley as well.

With Vanderpump absent from the RHOBH reunion, the newly married Grammer was put on the spot by the rest of the Real Housewives cast. A reunion insider told Us Weekly that “at one point, Camille ended up walking off the stage and had a full breakdown.” Grammer reportedly “got into it” with newcomer Denise Richards.

An insider confirmed that Camille was in a “hot seat” as the other women began “taking her to task” for her catty behavior this season. Another insider told HollywoodLife that, with Vanderpump out, the “biggest drama” at the RHOBH reunion revolved around Grammer.

“She got chewed out by all of the ladies, as they all feel she has been straddling the line and playing both sides. She’ll say one thing to your face and go around and say something negative about you to someone else and she was called out on it hard.”

Grammer later took to social media to admit that she “shouldn’t have gone” to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Indeed, it is surprising that Grammer agreed to attend last week’s taping of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion at all. Earlier this month, Bustle noted that, with Vanderpump absent from filming the back half of this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grammer became the new target of her co-stars’ wrath on the Bravo reality show.

Earlier this month, Grammer responded to a fan tweet to admit that she became the RHOBH cast’s new target once Vanderpump stopped filming with them, and that she planned to “pass” on the reunion taping.

Grammer previously told Entertainment Tonight that she refused to be in the hot seat like she was at the first Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion — held back in 2010 — where she was blasted by her co-stars for her behavior that season.

“Season 1 of [‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’] for me, was hell, I never want to repeat that again,” Grammer said earlier this year.

Unfortunately for Camille, it sounds like history definitely repeated itself when she showed up at the RHOBH Season 9 reunion.

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