Eddy Feliz Garcia Identified As David Ortiz Shooting Suspect, Mugshot Shows Bruised And Bloodied Face

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Eddy Feliz Garcia has been identified by the police in the Dominican Republic as the suspect who shot baseball legend, David Ortiz.

Garcia was reportedly arrested shortly after the shooting, which was initially described as an attempted robbery.

Police announced late on Sunday that Eddy Feliz Garcia had been arrested for the shooting, which was reported by news outlets in the Dominican Republic as well as American outlets, including WUSA. The announcement also brought some conflicting information, with the police reportedly saying that the shooting was not a robbery, though they did not release the exact circumstances behind the incident or whether anyone else was involved.

Initial reports claimed that Ortiz had been shot in the leg, but CNN reported that he was shot in the back and that the bullet went through his stomach. Felix Durán Mejia, a spokesman for the Dominican National Police, told reporters that the baseball legend was shot by a motorcyclist who had approached him while he was at an entertainment center. It was not clear whether it was a targeted attack against the baseball legend, who is beloved in his native Dominican Republic and his hometown of Santo Domingo, where the shooting took place.

Reports noted that Ortiz was at a popular nightclub when the shooting took place.

“A person who was at the scene told ESPN that Ortiz was wounded by a man, who is being detained, while he was in the ‘Dial’ club in the eastern part of the Dominican capital,” a report from ESPN noted. “Ortiz is being treated at the Dr. Abel González clinic.”

After the shooting, Ortiz was rushed to a hospital and reportedly underwent emergency surgery. The police later announced that Ortiz was listed in stable condition.

As The Inquisitr reported, a video circulated on Sunday showing an angry crowd gathering and beating the person identified as the shooting suspect. In the video, a man cowered on the floor outside a business while several members of the crowd took turns kicking him in the head, leaving his head bloodied and blood on the wall behind him. People in the crowd shouted insults at the man.

Police later released a picture of Eddy Feliz Garcia showing a man with a white bandage wrapped around the top of his head and his face covered in bruises and lacerations.

Police in the Dominican Republic have not yet announced the charges against Eddy Feliz Garcia for allegedly shooting David Ortiz.