Trump Brands Watergate Whistleblower John Dean ‘CNN Sleazebag’ In Sunday Rage-Tweets, Dean To Testify Monday

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John Dean, who served as White House Counsel in the administration of President Richard Nixon and eventually became the most prominent whistleblower in the Watergate scandal that ended Nixon’s presidency, is set to testify to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, according to Politico. Dean will testify about a more current scandal — the Donald Trump Russia collusion and obstruction of justice affairs spelled out in detail in the investigative report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

But even though 80-year-old Dean has not served in government for more than four decades, and his testimony seems likely to focus on comparisons between the Trump and Nixon administrations rather than on revealing new facts about the Trump-Russia scandal, the prospect of Dean’s testimony appears to have aggravated Trump, taking to his Twitter account to slam Dean as a “CNN sleazebag attorney,” according to a New York Post report.

In his Sunday afternoon Twitter messages, Trump complained that congressional Democrats want a “Redo, or Do Over” of the Mueller report, which according to his tweet found “No Collusion and facts that led to no obstruction.”

Trump’s characterization of the Mueller report was inaccurate. The report, posted online by The New York Times, detailed more than 10 instances of possible obstruction by Trump and his associates, and Mueller declared that he and his investigators could not exonerate Trump of the charge — though he was prohibited from indicting Trump due to Justice Department policy against indicting sitting presidents.

John Dean raises his right hand.
Watergate whitsleblower and Nixon administration White House Counsel John Dean will testify to Congress on Monday.Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

Mueller also specifically stated in the report on Volume 1, Page 2 that he did not address the question of “collusion,” focusing only on whether or not Trump and the Russians had reached an advance agreement to cooperate in what Mueller termed a “sweeping and systematic” Russian election interference operation.

Mueller concluded that he found “insufficient evidence” to bring such a conspiracy charge against Trump or his 2016 campaign. But as The Inquisitr reported, Mueller, on Page 10 of the report’s first volume, makes it clear that multiple instances of obstruction and non-cooperation by Trump and his associates prevented him from uncovering all of the potentially available evidence.

While serving as Nixon’s White House counsel, as recounts, Dean participated in the creation of The Plumbers, a secret, off-the-books unit of CIA and former FBI operatives who carried out illegal surveillance operations on Nixon’s political critics and enemies. It was The Plumbers who carried out the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.

But Dean eventually became disillusioned with the Nixon operation and its out-of-control lawless nature, delivering devastating testimony to the Senate Watergate Committee revealing details of the illegal actions taken by White House officials, per