Josiah Duggar Surprises Pregnant Wife Lauren With A Date Day

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Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren, are expecting a baby this fall just months after losing their first child in October. It looks like the lovebirds are spending some quality time together thanks to the soon-to-be daddy. He was able to plan what he called a “date day” as a surprise for his wife.

It came as a complete shock for Lauren when she hopped into the passenger seat of their car over the weekend. She found a note attached to the dashboard explaining that they had a day planned out for just the two of them. The expectant mom looked like she may have been a little confused by it at first, but she quickly caught on to what her husband was doing. The whole thing was caught on camera by Josiah. The video clip was posted on the couple’s Instagram as part of their stories.

First up was a fun picnic that the Duggar son had put together for Lauren and himself. He spread a blanket out on the grass in a quiet field with a lunch that consisted of sandwiches, salad, and watermelon. You can hear him explain in the video that this was the place where he grew up with his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, and his many siblings. They were actually sitting near the tree that he fell out of when he was a kid and broke his arm, so this place had a special meaning for him.

Next up as part of their fun-filled day was a trip to a blueberry and strawberry farm where Lauren is shown picking the ripe blueberries off the bush. She is displaying her growing baby bump in a salmon-colored blouse and a black skirt.

Their day ended with a typical date night activity. Josiah treated Lauren to a drive-in movie. It appears that they went to see The Secret Life of Pets 2. The reality stars shared some photos of their time together as well.

In just a few short months, Josiah and Lauren Duggar will be a family of three and they are both excited to meet their little boy or girl. Their tragic miscarriage last year shook them up, but they were able to make it through with the help of their family and friends who surrounded them with love and support. They also have said that their faith in God got them through their difficult time.

Now, they are super excited to be welcoming their new bundle of joy into the world soon. Their miscarriage story was featured on TLC’s Counting On a few months ago. This new pregnancy will most likely be one of the many pregnancies that will be highlighted on the new season coming up this fall.