Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking’s Beach Bikini Fight Racks Up Millions Of Views

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Instagram updates from Lele Pons often come with humor. Today’s post is offering plenty; the Venezuelan Instagram sensation has teamed up with YouTuber and model Hannah Stocking. The result is one epic load of beach footage, although viewers should be prepared for a bit of an argument.

Today’s video shows the pair on a sandy beach. Hannah is wearing a tiny string bikini in gold. The skimpy two-piece is thonged and showing off her pert rear; arguably, the whole look is flaunting Stockings’ sensationally fit body. Lele Pons is likewise scantily clad. She opted for whites, as her bikini comes a little more covered up.

Viewers don’t need to wait long to see the fighting emerge. Hannah announces to Lele that they’re going to “learn how to play volleyball.” Lele maintains that she is familiar with the sport. Her buddy seems to disagree.

“No you don’t. You don’t until I show you,” Hannah says angrily.

Hannah then gets the game going with the ball thrown from another girl. The ball goes up and Hannah attempts to be “[saved]” as she jumps up to catch it. It doesn’t end too well, as Hannah falls flat into the sand. The fall does, however, give fans a chance to see the model’s behind in the thong.

Lele has taken to her caption to announce the video as a “throwback.” She also asked her fans to give their opinions on which girl is better at the sport.

While fans may not have directly answered the question, they have been offering comments.

“So Lele, what have you learned?” one fan wrote. Lele personally replied.

“@menessjay nothing,” she wrote.

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Pink or blue for who?????????

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Another fan appeared to have found the entire thing hilarious, per their comment.

“My daughter is 6 she is laughing a lot, jajaja,” they wrote.

Admittedly, the video is amusing. The fight itself seems to be of a semi-joking nature, although it’s never clear with these two. Despite being a bikini update from two models known for their risqué looks, today’s video does comes vaguely child-friendly. Provided that parents don’t mind their children being exposed to a little skin, it might well be considered appropriate for little ones. Then again, not all parents would be keen to have their children viewing a thong.

Lele did reply to the parent.

“@_pelua86 awww yayy!!” she wrote.

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Comment when you see it ????????‍♀️

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Lele and Hannah are social media heavyweights. While Lele has 34.7 million Instagram followers, Hannah’s Instagram following sits at 16.5 million. Today’s video had racked up over 3 million views within four hours of going live.