Farrah Abraham’s Side Boob Bikini Snap Slammed, ‘I Thought This Was A Drag Queen’

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s latest Instagram update doesn’t appear to be going down too well. On June 9, The Teen Mom OG star updated her account from a glitzy poolside location in Dubai. Her ultra-tiny neon bikini put on a full cleavage and side boob display, but fans don’t appear to be digging the shoot.

“I thought this was a drag queen. Happy pride month,” one fan wrote.

The comment received over 130 likes within three hours of being posted. It also launched over a dozen replies.

“for reallll” was one fan’s response.

A separate comment also likened the 28-year-old to a man dressed as a woman.

“Farrah it’s getting scary, starting to look drag! and that lipstick,” they wrote.

The comments slamming Abraham now appear to be outweighing those sending out praise. Many individuals questioned whether Farrah was even allowed to don such revealing clothing in Dubai. While the Emirates are known to be a Muslim destination, Dubai is less conservative. Swimwear in poolside settings is permitted.

References to Farrah looking like a “clown” also manifested multiple times in the comments section. Celebrity names also popped up. While some fans likened Farrah to Kim Kardashian, one suggested that she looked like Wendy Williams. By and large though, the comparisons to famous faces were not flattering.

Slamming on Farrah’s Instagram has become commonplace. In fact, some might agree that comments left on this star’s social media have reached the point of cyber-bullying. As The Inquisitr reported in May, fans were calling the reality star a “man” and a “transvestite” following a braless snap.

While Farrah has openly admitted to cosmetic surgery, she isn’t the only celebrity to have gone under the knife. Cardi B has had breast implants. The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco has also undergone enhancements. Neither are subject to the level of spite left in Farrah’s Instagram comments.

Many comments to today’s picture also slammed Farrah for her role as a mother. The Nebraska-born star’s internet-circulated sex tapes have left many fans concerned for Farrah’s 10-year-old daughter Sophia. One even suggested that Sophia has grown “tired” of photographing her own mother. There is, however, no suggestion that today’s snap was taken by Farrah’s daughter. Given that the update was a paid partnership with Pretty Little Thing, the likelihood is that a professional photographer was hired. The quality of the photographs certainly suggests that to be the case.

Farrah’s update had raked in over 450 comments within three hours of going live. Sadly for Farrah, not many sent out praise.