Jana Duggar Cleverly Responds To Criticism About Her Way Of Life

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As fans know by now, Jana Duggar can do almost anything when she sets her mind to it. She appears to be quite a talented young lady. She also loves to share her new creations and projects on social media.

The eldest Duggar daughter took to her Instagram account a few days ago to post a handful of photos of her beautiful garden. She called it one of her “happy places.” She also shared a quote about gardening by Elizabeth Murray. You can definitely see why she is happy doing what she does. Jana has put a lot of work into it. Her garden has just the right touches to make it her own. She not only has an herb garden and lovely flowers gracing the family’s massive yard, but there is also a cute white shed and an amazing gazebo that she helped build. This is definitely her baby and everyone loves it.

However, with any Duggar post comes a few people who will give them a hard time about something. Jana Duggar is certainly no exception as she had to clap back to a couple of people who questioned her way of life and also her love of gardening.

One person snapped to her in the comments saying that she should do more with her life instead of living at home at 30-years-old and just gardening. Jana quickly responded that there is much more that she does.

“Oh, believe me, that’s not all I do. Gardening is just my little hobby on the side.”

That is true as the Counting On star is a jack of all trades. She builds, designs, and remodels in addition to her gardening skills. She has also acquired what many see as a future business venture for her. Paperwork was filed earlier this year for Arbor Acres Group, LLC under Jana’s name. While some people may be worried about her relationship status, it appears that she is doing just fine.

In addition to having to defend herself about her love of gardening, Jana Duggar also wrote back to someone who she thought was confused about her family’s faith. One person mentioned the word cult in her comment. The 29-year-old set the record straight about that.

“Oh, you just can’t see it from my perspective! My family is the absolute best, home is where I love to be and my garden is a place that I hope to bring people to and help them break away from the busyness of life — a place of relaxation, peace and enjoyment of God’s beautiful creation! I’m sorry, not sure where you’ve gotten your viewpoint from about us, but it’s not a true perspective on it all!”

Even though Jana Duggar isn’t quite as snarky as her sister Jessa Seewald, she does hold firm to her beliefs and her love for her family. Despite what others think, she seems to be happy with her life the way it is.

You can see Jana Duggar, along with the rest of her siblings, on another season of Counting On coming up later this year.