NY Times Obituary Criticizes NY Times

An obituary published in the New York Times this week criticized the famous newspaper.

Amos Shuchman, who was born in Israel but lived on the upper west side, passed away at the age of 84. His obituary reads that he “loved his family, his birth and adopted countries … and biking in Central Park.” The Obit also noted that he “loved everything about NYC except the New York Times.”

Amos’ son, Daniel, said that his father’s hatred for the New York Times came from the newspaper’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Daniel said that Amos was “deeply committed to principles of individual freedom and to the security of the United States and Israel … To put it diplomatically, he did not believe that the Times provided honest and objective reporting on these and other important matters.”

The New York Post reports that Amos wasn’t against all American publications. In fact, according to his son, he was a big fan of the Post.

Daniel said: “We think he is in heaven now with a New York Post and a falafel sandwich, having a good chuckle over this notoriety.”

Shuchman said that his father would have been a little upset about contributing funds to the New York Times but said that the obituary would have also made him laugh.

Shuchman said: (He would) not have wanted to generate revenue for the Times. But he would have laughed heartily at the irony and the posthumous attention the obituary is getting.”