International Flight Delayed For Seven Hours After Passenger Mistook The Emergency Exit Door For The Bathroom

Stefan SchweihoferPixabay

One woman’s bathroom mistake led to an international flight being delayed for seven hours.

The incident happened on a Pakistan International Airlines flight this weekend, when a female passenger trying to find the bathroom accidentally opened the emergency exit door instead, deploying the plane’s emergency exit slide. As the Express Tribune reported, the plane was on the runway at England’s Manchester Airport when the woman pressed a button that opened the emergency door. The exit chute then deployed, and officials had to escort the all of the plane’s passengers off the aircraft.

The report noted that the Islamabad-bound PK-702 flight had to be delayed for a total of seven hours while the chute was put back into place.

Because the emergency door was no longer able to be used during the flight, 21 passengers had to be moved to other seats and 37 passengers were not able to continue on to the destination and had to be moved to other flights, reported.

Officials said they were exercising the utmost caution.

“The plane was parked on the runway when the airbag chute opened, so there was no threat of any kind,” said airline spokesman Mashood Tajwar.

This is not the first odd flight delay to garner international attention — and not the first bathroom-related one, at that. As The Inquisitr reported, a United Airlines flight was forced to divert last year after a passenger reportedly made a giant mess in the bathroom, smearing poop on the walls and trying to use his shirt to clog the toilet.

The incident took place on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, and the New York Post reported that it was forced to divert to Anchorage after the disgusting incident. The man responsible for the mess was met with FBI officers, and the plane was cleaned out while passengers moved onto another flight.

There was another gross in-flight incident that captured viral attention in 2015. A British Airways flight headed to Dubai had to turn around and return to Britain after a passenger left a poop so smelly that it was declared a health hazard. The Mirror reported at the time that the crew determined the flight could not go on because of what was described as putrid “liquid fecal excrement.” In this incident, passengers had to endure even longer delays than the other similar incidents, with many being stuck in the airport for 15 hours before they could be diverted to new flights.