Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph Appear To Be Majorly In Love With Unending Stream Of Couple Pics

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Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are likely living up to all of The Bachelor fans’ expectations when it comes to their lovey-dovey relationship. After all, the entire season of The Bachelor reached an unprecedented climax when Colton broke up with Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin to go after Cassie Randolph. Matters were complicated, considering Cassie had already broken up with Colton at that point. Plus, Cassie’s dad showed up unexpectedly at the end of the show to further advise Randolph to think things through a little more.

And when Colton jumped the fence and viewers finally figured out why the clip had been hyped so much all season, it seemed like Underwood was putting it all on the line. What if Cassie rejected him after all? Would Colton ever find real love?

Well, it seems like it’s just good news all around. Weeks since the show wrapped up on air, the two have been sharing what seems like a never ending stream of cute couple pics on Instagram. Today, Colton posted a photo of the two posing at the Malibu Farm, as he placed his hands on Cassie’s hips. He looked down at her and smiled, as Cassie looked over her right shoulder.

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cheers to looking at you

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That’s not to mention Randolph’s recent updates with Colton. In late May, she posted a photo of him kissing her passionately, as he cradled her face with his hands. Cassie held a jacket in her right hand, and looked happy as ever while wearing a cute striped dress. She accessorized with a white crossbody bag that she threw over her right shoulder.

Previously, Underwood revealed to Entertainment Weekly how he prepared for the very first day of filming. At the time, there was no way for him to know how stressful things really could get on the show.

“Coffee, lots of it. I’m gonna take lots of naps tomorrow and get ready, but it is a long night. You have to have your focus and attention on every relationship and every lady.”

Plus, Underwood was very open about his fears going into filming.

“Just the concern of it not working at the end of this. This is an environment that is built for the success of a relationship, and if I get to the end of this and I’m in love and I get down on one knee and it doesn’t get reciprocated, that’s gonna be hard. That’d be the hardest thing. That’s my greatest fear in all of this.”

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Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight ✨

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