Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh Manages To Get His Charges Dropped

Michael YadaABC Press

General Hospital spoilers tease that Shiloh Archer will be a free man this week, despite finding himself in a serious predicament. He had just been arrested for sexual assault against a few of his Dawn of Day followers. While it seemed like he would be put away for good, that is farther from the truth. The week of June 10 promises to be full of more drama concerning the cult leader.

On Monday’s General Hospital, viewers will see Shiloh doing his thing that he is now known for. Some may think he is being charming, but it is actually a form of manipulation just as he has done with all of his followers. Friday’s cliffhanger had Harmony telling Shiloh that she wished that she could do something to help him. He indicated that there was something she could do. SheKnows Soaps says that Shiloh will use his charm to get what he wants. It doesn’t detail whether it is Harmony or someone else.

According to the print version of Soap Opera Digest, someone will be taking the fall for Shiloh’s dirty deeds. Will Harmony step in to save the person that she adores the most? Shiloh has some type of plan to get himself out of going to prison, but no other details have been revealed on what that plan is or who it will involve. Considering that he just told her that there was something she could to do help him, it’s likely that she will be involved in getting Shiloh free.

She could confess that it was her that was drugging the women, but the sexual assault charges are a little fuzzy on how that would work out. It’s possible that Shiloh wants Harmony to convince one of his followers to confess to the crimes. However it all plays out, Shiloh will be walking out of the hospital a free man.

He will then be free to taunt Sam and Kristina. They will both have a run in with Shiloh. Sonny and Jason are also going to be furious that the charges were dropped. Shiloh is quite a clever manipulator. He is playing a dangerous game, especially with Sonny and Jason as his enemies. They have wanted to take him out as soon as they found out what he was doing to Kristina and then tried to do with Sam, but Kristina doesn’t want him killed. She just wants him locked away for good.

Shiloh Archer is staying on General Hospital through the summer. After that, who knows what will happen to him. Keep watching to see how long Sonny and Jason will be able to hold off on their plan for the Dawn of Day leader.