Sexy Halsey Joins BTS In Paris Before Hitting London For Her Own Concert

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Seductive Halsey hit the BTS stage in Paris to sing “Boy with Luv” with the popular K-Pop group. Screaming fans were at the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at Stade de France. The “Trouble” hitmaker flaunted her hot body during the performance, shaking her booty along with the guys as they belted out the bouncy song.

All of the performers on the Paris stage were wearing jeans while Halsey was also donning a cut-off top that showed the middle section of her taut body. Spectators could see the singer’s bustier through the sheer material of her long-sleeved shirt.

The fans screamed extra loudly when Halsey joined BTS for the tune that was written by the South Korean boy band. The American artist was featured on this cut for BTS’ Map of the Soul: Persona album that dropped on April 12. She was also a highlight for the song’s video which was released on the same day.

The aforementioned music video became the fastest music video to debut within its first 24 hours online, according to Statista. “Boy with Luv” earned more than 74 million views within the first day following its release. On YouTube, this hit single has received an astonishing 362 million-plus views as of this writing.

One of the many revolving sets seen in the music video was an Art Deco movie theater called Persona. Halsey appeared with BTS when that backdrop appeared at about the four-minute mark. She joined in during the chorus of the bubbly tune while wearing loose shorts that showed off her shapely legs. Oh, and by the way, “Boy with Love” was written and sung in Korean.

However, Halsey will soon sing in English. Only a few days after her BTS performance, she is set for an intimate concert in London on June 10, headlining at Camden’s Electric Ballroom for this particular appearance.

Halsey tweeted, “London you know I wouldn’t come here without a few tricks up my sleeve…” she tweeted. Meanwhile, she will show up to kill it later tonight at Wembley Stadium.

So will BTS show up for her show?

Who knows? You’ll have to stay tuned while remembering that the seven-member, Asian-based cuties are on a strict tour schedule and set to perform tonight, June 8, once again at State de France in Saint-Denis, a charming Paris suburb. However, the K-Pop band did play Wembley this past January where BTS performed “Boy with Love,” sadly sans their American sweetheart, Halsey.