Alex Smith Trade To Chiefs Confirmed

It won’t be official until March 12, but Alex Smith will be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

For awhile, all was quiet on the Alex Smith trade front. It was believed that the 49ers would trade Smith after losing his job to Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick led San Francisco to the Super Bowl and Smith’s days seemed all but numbered.

After the Super Bowl reports said there wasn’t a market for Alex Smith and he might have to stay in San Francisco. Then the combine came.

While rookie hopefuls tried to impress with their ability to run, lift, and jump at the combine, rumors began to swirl that Alex Smith was being traded, probably to the Chiefs. There was no confirmation however.

Then it was reported the Cardinals were exploring a trade for Alex Smith. Things were getting interesting.

Now the drama is over. The rumored Alex Smith trade to the Chiefs has been confirmed. According to NFL Network’s Jay Glazer, Kansas City has made a “clear commitment to Smith.”

Now Alex Smith, drafted in the shadows of Joe Montana and Steve Young, will follow the path of Montana to Kansas City. Another former 49ers QB made the same move. Does anyone remember Elvis Grbac?

With a trade for Alex Smith to the Chiefs now confirmed, it is only natural to wonder what the 49ers will get in return. NFL Network claims San Francisco will get the Chiefs second round draft pick this year, and possibly another pick in 2014.

The Chiefs plan to sign Alex Smith, entering the final year of his current deal, to a new contract.

Here are the shoes Alex Smith will be filling in Kansas City:

Are you surprised Alex Smith will be traded to the Chiefs?