Lady Gaga Was Reportedly Well Aware Of The Relationship Issues Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Had Been Having

Matt Petit Getty Images

Actor and filmmaker Bradley Cooper is reportedly now single. The 44-year-old built a name for himself through hits such as The Hangover, American Sniper, and Limitless. Most recently, he directed the romantic film, A Star is Born, in which he stars alongside Lady Gaga as her love interest.

During the time that Gaga and Cooper were filming, they were both in serious relationships with other people. However, their relationship statuses have both since changed and fans wonder if it has anything to do with a secret romantic connection between the two of them, according to Hollywood Life.

A Star is Born tells the story of a wannabe singer named Ally. She has big dreams for her future, but has issues with confidence and recognizing her own talent. Jackson Maine, played by Cooper, discovers her talent and makes her see her worth. All the while, the pair begins to fall in love. Because the romantic connection between the two fictional characters was so palpable, many fans began talking about the pair getting together in real life. After a pretty heated performance of the single “Shallow” by Cooper and Gaga at the this year’s Oscars, rumors that there may be something going on between the two of them escalated.

At the time of filming, Gaga reportedly was aware of the relationship struggles Cooper had been having with his girlfriend of four years, Irina Shayk. A source close to the pair claimed that Gaga was always there to offer advice to Cooper.

“Bradley has worn his heart on his sleeve through his relationship struggles and Gaga was there for him all along the way to listen and provide any advice she could give.”

Shortly after the now infamous Oscars performance, Gaga sat down for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 33-year-old took the opportunity to clear up any misconception, explaining that Jackson and Ally were nothing more than fictional characters. While it was their job as actors and performers to convince the world of the chemistry between these two characters, Gaga insisted that there was nothing going on with she and Cooper in real life.

“We’re artists, I guess we did a good job, and fooled ya,” she said casually.

It wasn’t long before it was revealed that Gaga had broken up with Christian Carino, whom she had been engaged to. This only added fuel to the fire as far as rumors, with many fans speculating on social media that the relationship had ended because Gaga had feelings for Cooper.

Now, Cooper has reportedly ended things with Shayk. Shayk, who just so happens to be the exact same age as Gaga, is a Russian model and the mother of Cooper’s child. While neither Cooper nor Shayk have yet issued a public statement regarding their split, many fans wonder if Gaga had any part of it.