October 31, 2017
Molly Sims Welcomes Daughter, Shares Baby Name And Supermodel Sleek Diet And Fitness [Video]

Throughout her second pregnancy, 41-year-old supermodel Molly Sims was hoping for a girl. And her dreams of a daughter came true as she and husband Scott Stuber revealed the happy news, reported Vogue.

Molly posted her welcome-to-the-world baby girl announcement on her Web site with a photo.

"We welcome Scarlett May Stuber into our family. Our hearts are bigger with you here."
Molly Sims welcomes baby girl.
Molly Sims welcomes baby girl.

The model and her 46-year-old film producer husband have a son, Brooks, who is three years old. But when Molly made her initial pregnancy announcement, she revealed just how much she wanted a daughter.

"I'd love to have girls. I dream of pigtails and tank tops."
Sims told People that she sought to include her son in the family plans throughout her pregnancy.

"He told me yesterday that he had a baby in his belly," she laughed prior to giving birth. "I was walking down the stairs a couple of days ago and he goes, 'Mama has a big belly' and I'm like, 'Yes, she does.'"

But although she jokes about that "big belly," Molly told The Bump that she works hard to maintain her supermodel shape even during pregnancy.

At 41, however, Sims admits it was more challenging this time around. However, she focused on staying healthy even before she became pregnant.
"I got pregnant with my son at 38 while on my honeymoon, but I had a harder time with her. People always think, 'Oh, you have to take care of yourself once you get pregnant, or when you have the baby,' but your body is like a garden. You have to feed it and make sure it's fertile before you even start trying."
During her second pregnancy, the former Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret supermodel changed her prenatal regime. Although she always follows a healthy diet, she indulged in a few cravings.

"With my first pregnancy it was apples, but this time around I've had so many mandarin oranges and grapefruits."

For fitness, Molly focused on non-aerobic exercises such as Pilates. And while she swears by celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, Sims temporarily reduced those workouts as well.

"I did a lot less cardio and a lot more Pilates. I still did Tracy Anderson and spinning, but I took it much easier," she explained.

Sims is joined in her love for Pilates by another Victoria's Secret Supermodel, Behati, as the Inquisitr reported.

Behati believes that each supermodel needs to find what's right for her body type.

"Some girls do boxing, others do Zumba; it's really about what works for your body," said Adam Levine's new wife. "I love yoga and Pilates, which are great for long, lean muscles, plus a little running and light weights."

[Image Via Molly Sims Web Site]