'General Hospital' Spoilers: Neil Warns Alexis To Stop Meddling In His Past

Neil Byrne is a fairly new character on General Hospital and he has made a positive impact on a few Port Charles residents so far, including Sonny Corinthos. The therapist has helped to get Kristina back on track as he was instrumental in her shaking off the Dawn of Day teachings. He has apparently had his own experience with cults, which is why he was knowledgeable about them and able to help Kristina so well. Now Alexis wants to know a little more about this guy that has suddenly piqued her interest and it may just get her into trouble.

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will get to see Neil and Alexis on screen again. Soap Central details that those two will be spending some time together, but things will be going sour very quickly. Neil got an earful from Alexis once again when just last week they sat down for a friendly chat at the MetroCourt. She tried to explain to him her relationship with Jasper Jacks. She told him that they were married for a very short time, but that they never consummated their marriage. Neil was surprised by that. Suddenly, Neil decided to end things quickly and mumbled that they should keep things professional between them.

It seems that Neil is intrigued by his new patient, but he stops himself and has set the boundaries between them. He obviously doesn't want to talk about his personal life at all. After he left, Alexis hopped on her tablet to do some research on Dr. Byrne. She found a page that was some sort of dedication to Neil's wife and daughter. There is no indication whether his family is still alive or not, but Alexis is now very curious about Neil's past.

The print version of Soap Opera Digest reveals that Alexis will bring up the topic of Neil's daughter to him as they are discussing Kristina. He will immediately shut her down. He will be angry that she would bring his personal life up. He will warn her that he would have to drop her as his patient if she keeps it up.

Co-head writer Shelly Altman told the magazine that she does back off. However, Alexis will wonder why Neil reacts the way he does whenever his family, or anything from his past, is mentioned. She will not stop trying to see what she can dig up.

Who are Neil's wife and daughter? Will it turn out that they are living in Port Charles? Fans thought that maybe Harmony and Willow could be his family, but he has been around Willow and there didn't seem to be any recognition between them at all.

Be sure to catch General Hospital this coming week to see if Alexis will find anything else out that may be a clue as to what Neil is hiding.