Kate Middleton Honors Meghan Markle And Prince Harry At Trooping Of The Colour

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may not be the best of friends but, through good and through bad, the British Royal family tends to stick together. So, when the Queen Of England holds court for any event, these high profile Brits try to put aside any differences and get on with it. Today was no different as Her Highness presided over The Trooping of the Colour. Of course, Prince Harry was there, too, and he and his bride were probably surprised that the Duchess of Cambridge would honor the pair on this day.

Yet the 37-year-old did, if only in a subtle way on Saturday. Kate Middleton wore the same Philip Treacy hat that she wore to Meghan and Harry’s wedding last year. You can get a good look at that sartorial statement in the image below in which the royals gathered right after that highly anticipated marital union took place. There, at the far right, as she talks with her husband, the future King of England, Kate proudly stands tall while wearing that very same top piece, paired with a festive fascinator.

And then, see the photo at the top of this post. In it, Kate Middleton dons the identical Philip Treacy headpiece that she wore on May 19, 2018, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were wed at England’s St. George’s Chapel located in Windsor Castle.

Kate Middleton joins her fellow royals for the marriage between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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This time, as Kate put forth this particular fashion statement, she likely also put forth a way in which to indicate how fond her memory was of Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

Twitter was all aflutter about the Trooping of the Colour. In a post from Emily Andrews — who is the co-host of a podcast about the Royals — she shares a picture of one particular carriage in the Royal procession. This influential social media follower remarked on the Treacy hat as well as Kate’s Alexander McQueen outfit and her borrowed earrings from Her Royal Majesty. Her shot also showed that Kate and Meghan were traveling knee-to-knee while smiling wide as their vehicle moved along at a very slow pace.

By the way, should you not know, today is Best Friend’s Day. The celebration is also trending on Twitter and it may be trending with Kate Middleton, too, since she at least gave a nod with her Philip Treacy hat to Meghan Markle as well as Prince Harry. At least the latter party and the Princess of Cambridge have been pals for a long time even if the Duchess of Sussex has not yet been made it into that mix. On Saturday, it looks like Prince William’s wife seems to be offering an olive branch, that is if her gesture is to be taken seriously. What do you think?