Support For Donald Trump’s Impeachment Has Almost Doubled Among Independent Voters

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Support for Donald Trump’s impeachment has been steadily growing among American voters, with one poll showing a particularly steep jump in independent voters.

Since the completion of the Russia investigation and the subsequent release of a redacted version of its findings, a growing number of Americans have come around to the idea of impeachment proceedings against Trump. The report laid out a series of actions Trump had taken that could constitute obstruction of justice, but Special Counsel Robert Mueller ultimately left it up to Congress to determine whether Trump should face charges.

A small majority of Americans now favor impeaching Trump, a new poll found. As Mother Jones noted, a rare public appearance from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to underscore the fact that Trump was not exonerated in the report led to a shift toward impeachment among independents.

“In April, when asked what Congress should do with the findings of the Mueller report, only 14 percent of independents believed that legislators should begin the impeachment process,” the report noted. “But the latest Marist/NPR/PBS News Hour poll shows that 23 percent of independent voters support impeaching the president.”

Though the rise itself was significant, it may still not be enough to lead to the start of impeachment proceedings. Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leadership has been hesitant to push forward, even as individual members of the Democratic caucus have been vocal in supporting impeachment.

Pelosi appears to be gunning for Trump, even if not pushing impeachment. As Politico reported, she said in a closed-door meeting with Democrats this week that she wants to see Trump “in prison” rather than just impeached.

Pelosi has expressed an openness to continue investigating Donald Trump, including the allegations laid out in the Mueller report, without starting formal impeachment hearings, and many took her statement about wanting to see Trump in prison to be a desire to put the focus on defeating him in 2020. Trump was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in Michael Cohen’s campaign finance violations in relation to the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, and many legal experts believe Trump could face indictment once out of office.

Donald Trump has maintained his innocence in matters related to the Russia investigation, declaring that the report itself is the final word on the matter and that Democrats must move on. Democrats are still seeking to read the unredacted version of the report, which has not yet been released to them.