Fan Favorite Mike Johnson Stands A Chance At Becoming The Very First African-American 'Bachelor'

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette is still far from over, with 15 men remaining that are all fighting for her heart. The southern belle has already had to deal with plenty of drama and tension this season, including a physical altercation involving two of her men that has yet to be resolved. In addition, she even spent time in the hospital after collapsing before one of her one-on-one dates.

Nevertheless, Brown remains positive that her future husband is still within this group of remaining men. As fans try to guess which lucky guy will end up with Brown, they've also been abuzz on social media expressing who they think the next Bachelor should be, according to Showbiz CheatSheet.

One hot contender is certainly 31-year-old Air Force veteran Mike Johnson. Of course, Johnson currently remains on the show as of the most recent episode. Thus, as far as we know, he could still end up with Brown. However, there's no denying that competition is fierce, with 14 other guys besides Johnson trying to win her over.

In the case that he doesn't get his happily ever after this season, he stands a chance of getting it on the next season of The Bachelor. If he does receive the coveted position, he will be the very first African-American man to take on the role. Lawyer Rachel Lindsay took on the role of the first black Bachelorette for the show's 13th season. However, in the 17 years that The Bachelor has been on television, an African-American man has never had the leading role. Many people think now is the time, and have been praising Johnson on social media.

Johnson is not only incredibly fit and good looking, but has been both honest and brave during his stint on The Bachelorette. In an emotional conversation, he revealed to Brown that he and his ex-girlfriend once lost a baby through miscarriage. He didn't hold back from sharing how the painful experience shaped who he is today.

In the most recent episode, Johnson was among those who stood up to controversial figure Luke Parker, who has quickly made himself the enemy of the group. Parker has been particularly aggressive in his pursuit of Brown, at times even allegedly getting violent with the other men.

"Slow clap for Mike Johnson for saying to Luke what EVERYONE IS THINKING," one Twitter user wrote.

Even singer Demi Lovato is in full support of Johnson, posting "GO MIKE J!!!" on her Instagram story, complete with heart eye emojis.