Rapper Dave East’s Nude Photos Allegedly Leaked & His Fans Are Losing It

Steven FerdmanGetty Images

Rapper David Brewster Jr., known better by his stage name Dave East, is reportedly the latest victim of a nude photo leak.

According to a report by Heavy, NSFW photos of the rapper’s nether regions were posted via Dropbox on Wednesday, June 5th. The photos as well as the public Dropbox link itself have since circulated on multiple social media outlets including Twitter and Reddit.

Many of the 31-year-old rappers’ adoring fans were met with both shock and surprise as they noticed East was trending on Twitter over the past few days and did some investigating to learn why.

Unfortunately, the rapper has yet to respond to speculation regarding whether the leaked nude photos are actually of him. Many fans have expressed doubt as only one of the photos showed Dave’s face and none of the nude photos had any identifying factors to confirm they were actually of the rapper.

The uncertainty swirling the photos didn’t stop his fans from swooning over the possibility that the snapshots actually the rapper in all of his naked glory. Fans who learned why he was trending – but had yet to see the photos – took to Twitter to express how desperate they were to take a look.

In the past 24 hours, Easts’ name in association with the nude photos continues to trend on Twitter. The topic, however, has shifted to those who are late to the party. Many of his fans have joked about how they were upset no one brought the racy snapshots to their attention sooner.

One Twitter user jested that ladies have to stick together and point her in the direction of the revealing pictures.

Another Twitter user joked the only reason they logged into their account was to take a look at the leaked photos.

Some Twitter users even found the number of different angles the photos were snapped at to be impressive as they pointed out the rapper had “nothing to be ashamed of.”

A few even noted that even the rapper’s straight male fans were having a hard time looking away.

Many of the Dave’s fans attached humors videos clips and animated GIFs to their reactions of learning about the revealing photos.

One very irate fan noted there is no way the photos could be of Dave as his leg tattoos were no where to be found in any of the snapshots.

Unless the rapper releases a public statement confirming or denying the revealing photos are of him, his fans are left to fantasize over nothing more than a maybe.