Former Clinton Aide Urges Democrats To Impeach Trump, Says Pelosi And Nadler Are ‘Failing Colossally’

Peter SummersGetty Images

In an interview broadcast Friday, Democratic strategist and former Hillary Clinton aide, Peter Daou, urged the Democratic Party to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, Raw Story reports.

Daou went on MSNBC’s The Beat to discuss with host Ari Melber the Democratic Party’s reluctance to impeach Trump. The strategist gave an “impassioned moral case” for impeachment, as the publication put it, urging party leadership to meaningfully stand up to Trump.

Daou began by stating that Trump is an “autocrat,” and therefore poses an unprecedented threat to the United States.

“This is not a time for dithering,” he said, arguing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, are “failing colossally at this point.”

According to Daou, the Democrats can either begin impeachment proceedings and hold Trump accountable, or do nothing and normalize his behavior. The strategist once again strongly urged the Democratic Party to impeach the commander-in-chief, passionately arguing that Trump must face the consequences.

“This is a moment where we rise to the challenge and there has to be accountability. If there is no accountability — and that means impeachment — then we are normalizing everything that has happened in the past two and a half years. Every child that was stolen from a parent. Every single transgression, every time Donald Trump disgraced the office.”

Unless the Democrats do so, Daou announced, he might run against Nalder in the 2020 Democratic Party primary for New York’s tenth congressional seat.

The Trump presidency appears to have turned Daou into an insider willing to openly criticize the Democratic Party. In an April op-ed penned for The Nation, the strategist — once an ardent Clinton supporter, and a fierce Bernie Sanders critic — described the party leadership as “incapable (or unwilling)” to stand up to Trump, arguing that Sanders “should not be treated as the enemy” by party insiders.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, more than 60 House Democrats have called for the impeachment of President Trump. Standing in their way are top Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff, all of whom have remained opposed to impeachment.

Instead of launching impeachment proceedings, the Democrats appear to be focused on Congressional hearings pertaining to Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Mueller found no Trump-Russia conspiracy, refusing to charge the president with obstruction of justice. The special counsel implicitly called for impeachment, however, while stating that he does not want to testify before Congress.

Mueller’s press conference appears to have complicated the matters for Democratic leadership, and top Democrats are now facing intense pressure from their colleagues, as well as their constituents, to begin impeachment proceedings.