Lindsay Lohan Dances In Sexy Blue Bikini On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan is living her best life her one of her latest social media posts.

On Thursday, Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram story to show off her dance moves while she sported a skimpy bikini and showed off her skin.

The video, which the actress later added to her highlights for fans to watch and re-watch, features Lindsay seemingly sitting on the deck of a yacht in a lounge chair.

The former Mean Girls star flaunts her cleavage in a skimpy, dark blue bikini. The actress is seen dancing in her seat as she raises her hands up, and showcases her lean arms.

Lindsay also flaunts her tiny tummy and toned abs in the high-waisted bikini, as she is obviously having some fun in the sun.

Lohan has her long, blond hair parted to the side and styled in loose straight strands, which fall over her shoulders and down her back.

Lindsay adds a full face of makeup to her summer look, which includes darkened eyebrows, pink blush, a bronzed glow, and nude lips. She accessorizes with a pair of oversized sunglasses, multiple bracelets on her wrist, and a pendant around her neck while she laughs and smiles in the video.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay Lohan moved out of Hollywood a few years ago, and opened her own beach club. However, she hasn't been completely out of the spotlight.

Lohan had her own MTV reality show this year, which was based on the staff of her beach club. In addition, the actress also recently revealed that she's hard at work on some brand new music.

Although Lindsay is primarily known as an actress, starring in films such as Mean Girls, Georgia Rule, and Just My Luck, she is also a singer. She released her first album, Speak, 15 years ago, following by her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw), back in 2005.

However, it was Lohan's work as a child star that shot her onto the scene, starring in films such as Life-Size and The Parent Trap.

Just recently, Dennis Quaid, who played Lindsay's on-screen father in the Disney remake of The Parent Trap, gushed over what a talented actress she was at such a young age.

"She had me believing they were two different kids. She was a savant. She could just channel anything like that. Some people are like that and the rest of us have to work at it," Quaid told People Magazine.

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