June 7, 2019
Brooke Burke Flaunts Her Insane Physique At Age 47

Brooke Burke may be 47-years-old, the mother of four, and a thyroid cancer survivor, but you would never guess any of those things by looking at her latest Instagram post. The actress, model, entrepreneur, and former Playboy model showed off her confidence and her perfectly sculpted figure as she shared one of her favorite pieces of apparel.

Burke posted a pair of photos to her Instagram page highlighting a stunning yellow bathing suit she was wearing. In one photo she was wearing just the one-piece and standing near the ocean. In the other shot, she had added denim shorts, sandals, and other accessories for simply being out-and-about.

Brooke tagged this bathing suit as being one from the Dos Gardenias brand and it looks as if this is their "Sweetheart" one-piece in their "Sun" color. This suit is the perfect compliment to Burke's curves as it provides plenty of coverage while still creating a sexy look.

Both photos feature Burke with a big smile and her long, brunette locks hang in beachy waves down past her shoulders. Brooke's long, lean legs seem to go on forever and this bathing suit shows off her taut tummy along with a bit of cleavage.

By the looks of things, Burke's followers loved this look. Numerous fans commented on how gorgeous she looked and noted that her body looked absolutely amazing.

The Inquisitr shared the scoop about Burke's decision to pose nude recently. Brooke admitted that she wasn't looking to create a sexy photo during that shoot. Rather, her goal was that she wanted to showcase how hard she has worked to achieve the sculpted figure she has. She also did the nude shoot in an effort to empower women.

Brooke's Playboy days are long behind her at this point. However, her Instagram page is filled with photos showing how amazing Burke's figure is these days and how age is nothing more than a number. She regularly dons bikinis or poses scantily-clad and each shot is more stunning than the last.

Brooke Burke has moved from Playboy to Dancing with the Stars to become a respected fitness guru. As People notes, she has her own fitness app and teaches booty burn classes now, and she keeps a handful of other projects going too. The 47-year-old stunner clearly knows what she's talking about when it comes to staying fit and this gorgeous look she just shared serves to reinforce that point.