Former NASCAR CEO Brian France Pleads Guilty To Drunk Driving

Streeter LeckaGetty Images

Brian France, the newly resigned CEO of NASCAR, has taken a guilty plea on the charge that he was driving drunk in New York. This is in reference to his 2018 arrest on impaired driving charges.

TMZ says that France allegedly didn’t have the most graceful arrest as he dropped the name of President Donald Trump in the Hamptons after he failed the field sobriety test and then failed a Breathalyzer, blowing a 0.18, twice the legal limit.

The Sag Harbor police report indicates that they also found oxycodone pain pills in France’s car, adding to the seriousness of the charges. Originally, he was charged with “misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance, aggravated DWI and DWI,” and was facing up to a year in jail for each charge.

But Friday, France pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor DUI and in exchange, he got 100 hours of community service and must complete an alcohol education course before June of 2020. If France completes the conditions of the plea, he will be able to withdraw the guilty plea and only have a traffic violation on his record.

Following his arrest, Brian France took a leave of absence from NASCAR and stepped down officially last month.

France’s uncle, Jim France, took his place as NASCAR CEO and continues to serve in the position. Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini released a statement to say that there is no one above the law.

“This case is a reminder for both residents and anyone visiting Suffolk County this summer that it is all of our responsibility to keep our roads safe. It is not acceptable for anyone to be driving while drunk or on drugs in our community.”

USA Today says that right now the charge against France is a misdemeanor, but he says he is still taking it seriously and will follow the directions of the court.

“I am grateful for the court’s consideration of all the facts in this case and I will follow their direction and recommendations as we move forward,” France said.

France says he knows he made a mistake, but his arrest helped him rethink a number of things, and think about his responsibility to his community. He said that this whole event will let him become a better person through this process. France was not prosecuted for having the five oxycodone pills because the former CEO was able to produce a prescription for the drug.