June 7, 2019
James Kennedy's Ex-BFF Reveals What Will Make Him Apologize To Lala Kent After His Randall Emmett Diss

James Kennedy allegedly has no plans to apologize to former best friend Lala Kent, unless doing so would benefit him in some way.

During an interview with HollywoodLife on June 6, Logan Noh, another former friend of Kennedy's, said Kennedy would likely never apologize to his Vanderpump Rules co-star -- that is, unless producers of the show promised to give Kennedy more camera time for doing so.

"James doesn't care about anyone but himself and is only going to do things that benefit himself," Noh explained. "So if he's not filming a lot because nobody wants to film with him, then he's going to come with his tail between his legs and apologize."

According to Noh, Kennedy has been known to apologize for his behavior frequently -- but because he gets attention after doing so, he ultimately ends up with an inflated ego, and messes up again. As fans have seen throughout the past several seasons, many of Kennedy's co-stars have refused to accept his apologies, largely due to the fact that he never actually changes his behavior.

Even Kennedy's boss, Lisa Vanderpump, chose to fire Kennedy from her restaurant, SUR Lounge, after he poked fun at Katie Maloney's weight. Although Kennedy did apologize for doing so, his history of making women feel uncomfortable at the restaurant left Vanderpump with little choice.

While Kennedy and Kent made amends earlier this month, their reconciliation came to an abrupt end just days later. At that time, Kennedy shockingly dissed Kent's fiancé, Randall Emmett, on Instagram -- poking fun at his past feud with rapper 50 Cent.

As some may have seen, 50 Cent called out Kent by suggesting she was a gold-digger in a number of posts. The rapper then demanded that Emmett pay him the $1 million he owed to him. 50 Cent then proceeded to make even more digs at Kent and Emmett, until Emmett paid up.

During Noh's interview with HollywoodLife, he went on to say that Kennedy likely continues to act out because there's never been any real consequences for behavior.

"He just thinks he can do whatever he wants and then apologize, and then do it all over again. He does this stuff all the time. It's like, 'How many chances do I have to give you?'" Noh wondered.

Although Noh's relationship with Kennedy came to an end years ago, he is currently quite close to Kent, and is expected to play a role in her upcoming wedding.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 is currently in production, and will air on Bravo TV later this year.