Scott Brian Haven, Trump Supporter, Charged With Threatening To Hang, Decapitate Congresspeople

Weber County Sheriff's OfficeWeber County Sheriff's Office

Donald Trump supporter Scott Brian Haven was arrested Tuesday for allegedly making thousands of disturbing phone calls to members of Congress. He is accused of making over 2,000 calls to congresspeople to threaten them and rant about Democrats.

The complaint reveals that Haven made 1,499 calls to the Capitol switchboard between May 17 and October 29, 2018. In addition, AT&T records showed another 850 calls from Haven’s number to the switchboard during the period of May 1 to May 28 of 2019.

The Washington Examiner reports that the 54-year-old was charged with interstate transmission of threats to injure. Although court documents don’t reveal the names of the members of Congress that were threatened, they do reveal the disturbing threats that they received.

In one instance, Haven told an unnamed senator staffer that there were “far more Second Amendment people than whiny, crying liberals.”

A month later, he called the same office and said, “We will exercise our Second Amendment rights to address Democrat mobs that threaten conservatives.”

In another call, HuffPost reports that Haven allegedly threatened to cut the head off of a senator. He reportedly called the same senator’s office back and told staff that Democrats were “trying to destroy Trump’s presidency” before threatening to come “hang that f***ker.”

Haven is also accused of threatening to “put a bullet” in a senator’s head and going on a profanity-laced rant in which he referred to himself as Adolf Hitler and George Washington.

Law & Crime reports that FBI agents eventually contacted Haven, whom he told that “Conservatives don’t commit violent acts against political opponents; that type of behavior is conducted by people on the left.”

He also said law enforcement should be focusing their efforts on “investigating groups like Black Lives Matter instead of bothering [him].”

Haven is currently scheduled to appear in court June 13.

The last time a Trump supporter was in the news — although for something much less disturbing — was when sports blogger Shawn Brooks was doxxed by The Daily Beast for allegedly posting the slow-motion “Is Pelosi Drunk?” video that went viral. As The Inquisitr reported, Brooks is currently considering legal action against The Daily Beast and Facebook.

“I’m looking at my options for possible legal action against anyone who was associated in publishing that inaccurate trash article about me, misquoting me and accusing me of being the creator of the Speaker Pelosi video that went viral,” his GoFundMe page reads.

As of now, he has raised $11,021 out of his $20,000 goal.