Rita Ora Flaunts Major Bikini Cleavage, Spreads Legs In Poolside Reds

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Rita Ora may be known on account of her chart-topping voice, but her latest Instagram update is sending out a reminder that this artist is a sizzler in a bikini.

On June 7, the British singer-songwriter updated her Instagram. She sent out four pictures. All showed the 28-year-old in swimwear. Rita had been snapped in tiny halterneck bikinis, and it didn’t look like she was feeling shy. The “Let You Love Me” singer was looking on-form, toned, and relaxed.

The first snap showed Rita rocking a tiny red bikini. She had been photographed leaning back with her legs slightly spread as she soaked in rays by a pool. With the sun beating down on her and not a soul in sight, it very much seemed that this picture was all about Rita. The star was flashing her taut abs, but her cleavage was likewise on display. With statement shades and gold hoops adorning the two-piece, the Brit looked every inch the Hollywood star.

Switching to oranges and a more pared-down setting, Rita’s second photo showed her shot close up. Here, her swimwear appeared less prominent, although the major cleavage display hadn’t watered down. Ora was looking right into the camera with a serene-yet-knowing gaze. While the third photo returned to reds and brought out the singer’s smile, the fourth sent fans a squinting wink as Rita had clearly opted for a selfie here.

As one of pop’s biggest sensations, Rita has risen from her relatively unknown status to being a member of music’s elite. In her Vogue interview, Rita was asked how she felt the industry had changed her. She appeared to speak candidly.

“A lot. I feel like I’m lucky because I caught the tail end of a life before social media changed the world. In 2012 when ‘RIP’ and my album started coming out, it was just Twitter. I was in that weird time of technology evolution where you still had to earn your… what’s the word I’m looking for? Earn your points. Like I will never rub out Cheryl Cole’s points because she made major moves before all of this sh*t. I will never rub out Beyonce’s or Nicole Kidman’s. Because it was really hard back then. You’ve gotta get with the future, don’t get me wrong, but I hold onto that really proudly.”

Despite an A-list status, Rita appeared to retain simple charm today. With little in the way of glam, the selfie parts of Rita’s update could easily have been any girl enjoying the sun. Her update had racked up over 113,000 likes within one hour of being posted.