Amazon Kindle Ad Shows Support For Marriage Equality

Neal Campbell

Amazon has a new commercial for its Kindle PaperWhite that also shows the company's support for marriage equality.

It's no secret that Jeff Bezos and his wife are strong allies in the fight for marriage equality. Last year, according to Reuters, they donated $2.5 million to the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state. Referendum 74 was approved by voters in Washington last November.

In much the same way Modern Family and Ellen DeGeneres have helped shift opinion on the subject of gay marriage, Amazon's commercial challenges prejudice against gay couples simply by showing their relationship as something that's simply ordinary.

The ad starts with a man and woman lounging at the beach. The man is having trouble reading his iPad because of the glare from the Sun. He ask the woman if she's using a Kindle. She says, "Yeah, it's a new Kindle PaperWhite."

The man is comically frustrated as he tries to shade the screen while the woman extols the virtues of her Kindle. She tells him, "This is perfect at the beach, and with the built in light, I can read anywhere, anytime."

He says, "Done!"

"With your book?" She asks.

Amazon Ad that Supports Marriage Equality

"I just bought a Kindle PaperWhite." He says, settling back into his lounge chair. "We should celebrate."

It seems like the man is hitting on the woman, but then the ad delivers a twist. The woman tells the man her husband is bringing her a drink. The man smiles and says, "So's mine."

The two look over their shoulders and their two husbands wave at them from the bar.

It's a bold move for Amazon to take such a big risk when pitching its Kindle PaperWhite to potential buyers, but clearly Amazon thinks the cause of Marriage Equality is worthy of that risk.