Sean Hannity Of ‘Lock Her Up!’ Fame Now Calls It ‘Despicable’ For Nancy Pelosi To Imagine Trump Going To Jail

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sean Hannity has called it “despicable” that Nancy Pelosi apparently said she wants to see Donald Trump go to jail, and the internet has now declared that irony is officially dead.

The Fox News pundit, who for years has been a fervent backer of the “Lock her up!” movement to have political rival Hillary Clinton thrown in prison, per Stitcher, has now declared that it is out of bounds to call for a political rival to be thrown in prison. As The Daily Beast noted, Hannity reacted this week to the reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not want to see Trump impeached because she would rather “see him in prison,” declaring that it is out of bounds.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling senior Democrats she would like to see Trump behind bars,” Hannity exclaimed. “Based on no actual crimes, she wants a political opponent locked up in prison. Umm, that happens in banana republics. Beyond despicable behavior.”

Hannity went on to say that Pelosi’s statement was proof that Democrats are trying to turn the United States into a country “we no longer recognize,” the report added.

As many on the internet pointed out, it would seem actually very easy to recognize a country where a major political figure imagines their rival getting thrown in jail. On the 2016 campaign trail, Donald Trump led daily chants of “Lock her up!” aimed at Hillary Clinton, even after the FBI investigation into her private email server ended with a declaration that she had not committed a crime.

Trump’s desire to see political enemies punished goes beyond Hillary Clinton. He has also accused Democratic lawmakers of “treason” for not supporting his border wall, which Roll Call noted is a crime punishable by death.

Trump has even called for non-political figures to be thrown in jail, Newsweek noted. Last year, Trump spoke at a campaign rally about a supporter of his who had mailed bombs to many of his perceived political enemies. Just minutes after Trump decried the attacks, he launched into his own attack on “globalists,” whom he said were hurting the economy. Someone in the crowd shouted “George Soros!” the wealthy donor who had been a target of one of the attempted bombings. That prompted the crowd to begin shouting “Lock him up!” Donald Trump laughed and repeated the phrase.

Hannity himself has frequently joined in with these calls for political rivals to be jailed, devoting many hours of his program to guests who called Hillary Clinton a criminal. Hannity was also on stage with Trump at campaign rallies as “Lock her up!” chants broke out.

Hannity has yet to condemn Trump for the calls and was back to defending the president this week.